The Nadara Soul
When it all started

The name Nadara was born from our core belief that a healthy skin and soul will result in a glowing YOU. The vision of offering a glowing healthy skin for everyone was our main concern. The origin language of the name Nadara is Arabic, and it stands for youthfulness, freshness, and radiance.

Nadara is a unique innovative concept in the Middle East, introducing online skin therapists, curating honest professional skincare products, and offering complementary skin tests at the reach of the customer’s fingertips. Nadara is an expert digital skincare guide and shop, driven by certified skin therapists offering unbiased personalized skincare advice and a curated professional brand portfolio.

Our aim is to share professional skincare knowledge and inspire customers, as a leader in honest professional skincare.
Our promise is simple; to empower you to transform your own skin.Whatever your skin concern, skin struggle, or skin goal, we want to provide you with the knowledge and products you need to maintain your healthiest skin.
The Brand Curator & Ambassador
Annica Forsgren Kjellman

Annica is an absolute skin guru, genuinely knowledgeable and totally inspirational, a real believer in inside out health: skin and mind. She is an entrepreneur and skin therapist who now combines her love of business, research, science, and skincare to meticulously curate Nadara’s honest and professional brands.

Annica takes her night-time routine very seriously. Throughout the night, skin regeneration is at its maximum, so she believes it´s the ultimate time to give it the tools for repair. Her ingredient tip for the night routine is always Vitamin A in any form and barrier-building ingredients like ceramides and squalene. It’s hard for Annica to name a few brands she likes as she has a favorite in each category, but to name a few, Babor & Barbara Sturm are absolute must-haves in her skincare routine. Annica is a firm advocate of Babor’s Hydra Plus ampoules concentrates and Barbara Sturm’s Enzyme Cleanser.

The Founders
Zeina El Saadi

Zeina is an engineer, burger addict, and avid athlete. In her spare time, she loves playing tennis, reading, and spending time with family and friends. She comes up with operational ideas all the time if only there was more time to implement them all. She likes effective and fast skin routines that work for people on the go who do not like to carry many products and remember how to use each. What works for Zeina is simply cleanse, moisturize, and SPF. Among her must-have brands are Dermalogica and Grown Alchemist. Zeina particularly prefers Dermalogica’s Skin Smoothing Cream and the Grown Alchemist’s Hydrating Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF-30.

Nayla Lahoud

Nayla wants to live in a world where skins are glass clear, stories are brave, and every “thank you” note is scribbled by hand.
A sought-after creative designer and digital communicator, she’s been a vegetarian since the age of 13 and a hopeless animal lover.
When she’s not scribbling new ideas, you can find her applying a new face mask while listening to some modern jazz and optimistically transforming her daily routine into an exciting sensory experience. What works for Nayla is proper skin spoiling at night when kids are sleeping, and the atmosphere is clear and sound. Double cleansing, toner, serum, moisturizer, and a little oil touch at the end; all of that with a gentle face massage. Among her must-have brands are iS Clinical & Codage. Nayla adores the high-grade ingredients in iS Clinical’s products, particularly the Active Serum which she considers a star must-have. She also likes their Reparative Moisture Emulsion, with high-performance botanicals – fabulous for everyone! As for Codage’s Eye Cream, it helps her restore and refresh after long hours in front of the screen.



The Skin Therapists

At Nadara, our skin therapists are certified, meticulously trained, and highly informed. Their certifications, extensive knowledge, and broad understanding of skin – its conditions, characteristics, and treatments – allow us to help you find the perfect strategy for a skin routine tailored to your skin and lifestyle. While beauty advisors focus on beauty and appearance, our skin therapists have a more holistic vision – they work to give you healthy and radiant skin, from lifestyle to daily routine.

To each person, their own skin-related challenges and aspirations, and skincare routines differ accordingly. We believe that investing in your own personalized routine would bring you one step closer to yielding everlasting healthy skin! Our therapists understand skin, know what works, and optimize our customers’ experience with the product by ensuring a proper match: right product to right skin. This is why our skin therapists are also our customer care representatives, offering unbiased personalized skincare advice and personalized skincare product recommendation.


Nadara Signature Wrapping

All your orders are packed with love and wrapped with care. Enjoy personalized samples and customized gifts and start building your collection of our signature POME figurines – the symbol of beauty from within. Our POME is a pomegranate fruit figurine infused with a variety of vitamins and antioxidants. The pomegranate is a popular fruit in the Middle East, and we love it because it symbolizes youth, eternal life, and radiance!

Place our POME in a place where she can smile at you and give you glowing energy!

We don't have a Plan(et) B!

Our strategy is not exclusive to a healthy skin, but also to a healthy planet. Living a holistic life requires a sane environment, and we take responsibility for that. We try our best to keep the planet happy and partner with brands in line with our philosophy.

Interested in joining our team? Send us your CV to [email protected]
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